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Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4!
Hello and welcome to our class page
Take a look at our learning in year four - you will find lots of information about our exciting topics and pictures of what we have been getting up to.
If you need any extra information or if have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are more than happy to help!

Class Teachers
Mrs Pask/Mrs Wheatley 4A
Miss Arthur 4B
Support Staff
Mrs Bolton TA
Mrs Brazier 1:1 TA
Mrs Shelley 1:1 TA

Our Topics this Year...
Term 1 - Blue Planet
Term 2 - Elementary, My Dear Watson
Term 3 - Finding Neverland
Term 4 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Term 5 - The Magical World of Harry Potter
Term 6 - Veni Vidi Vici

Term 6 - Veni Vidi Vici
For our final term in year four, we are travelling back in time to the Roman era - what an excellent way to end a fantastic year. We will be learning all about the Roman empire and its impact on Britain, using this to bring to life our learning across the curriculum. From Roman Mosaics to Mount Vesuvius through to cooking an Italian dish, our final term is set to be a Roman extravaganza! Keep checking back to see our learning this term - we can't wait to share our work with you!

Our current focus in English is persuasion. Having participated in a persuasive debate last week, we are now working hard to fine tune our persuasive skills by learning some of the devices we could include to really persuade our audience. Over the next two weeks, we will be learning all about...
- rhetorical questions
- exaggeration
- superlatives
- repetition
- the power of three
- emotive language


In maths this week, we are learning all about Roman Numerals. Who knew the Roman's number system was so different to our number system now? Once we got our heads around the letters, we began writing numbers from 1 to 20. We learnt a really catchy song to help us remember the numerals. Tomorrow, we will be continuing to learn how to write Roman Numerals up to 100! It will be a challenge but we are ready for it!
I = 1
V = 5
X = 10
L = 50
C = 100

Useful Information
Homework - We will be giving out homework every Friday. This needs to be handed in by the following Thursday. The homework will alternate between maths and English and will link to our learning from that week. We will also be sending home a spelling list each week (in the children's new spelling books!). We will be testing these spellings every Friday.
In addition, we ask that you continue to listen to your child read on a regular basis at home, as well as helping them to learn their times tables. We really appreciate your support with this as it makes a huge difference to their learning in school.

PE - We have outdoor PE on a Thursday and indoor PE on a Friday. Please make sure that your child has the correct kit so that everyone can participate! 

Dates for your Diary
15th June 2017 - Church School Festival
20th June 2017 - KS2 Sports Day

23rd June 2017 - Sponsored Run


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Check out our Victorian Mannequin challenge! (4KB)





















In This Section...

Mount Vesusvius

Today, the children in year four became detectives for the afternoon, working together to discover the story of Mount Vesuvius. We studied a series of...

Church Festival Songs

In a few weeks time, year four will be participating in the Church School Festival in Sleaford alongside a number of other schools in the area. In pre...

Term 5 Weekly Updates

This term, our learning will be brought to life through the world of Harry Potter. As we delve into life at Hogwarts, our work will be full of magic, ...

Circus Skills

Today, the children (and teachers!) in year four joined the circus as part of our Summer Fair. We had so much fun learning lots of new and exciting sk...

The Water Cycle

In science today, we learnt all about the water cycle. There is lots of terminology to learn but we are remembering it well. We put all of our learnin...


This week, we began learning how to play the Harry Potter theme tune on the keyboards. We are working hard to remember the notes and play them careful...


Not only are we becoming fantastic cricket players this term, we are also working hard to improve our gymnastics skills. We have looked at different b...

Equivalent Fractions

We have been working really hard in year four to understand equivalent fractions - it is very tricky but we are getting there! To help us understand e...


This term, we are learning to play cricket with Mr Pledger from Carre's Grammar School. We are working hard to improve the accuracy of our throwin...

Harry Potter 3D models

The children in year 4 were extremely proud of the 3D models they made for their homework projects and couldn't wait to show them off! From painti...

Documents - please click to open

docx.gif: Whole Year Overview

Whole Year Overview

An overview of topics and curriculum coverage in year 4 for 2016-17.
File size: 20KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Term 6 - Veni Vidi Vici

Term 6 - Veni Vidi Vici

File size: 467KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Term 5 - The Magical World of Harry Potter

Term 5 - The Magical World of Harry Potter

File size: 84KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Term 4 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Term 4 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

File size: 268KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Term 3 - Finding Neverland

Term 3 - Finding Neverland

File size: 933KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Term 2 - Elementary My Dear Watson

Term 2 - Elementary My Dear Watson

File size: 591KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Term 1 - Blue Planet

Term 1 - Blue Planet

File size: 77KB (Word 2007 File)

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