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AGM Minutes

5th October 2015
Welcome to everyone especially to the new faces that we have.
Before we start just a couple of points
  • We have teachers here, the AGM and PTFA meetings/events are not a place for discussing your child’s progress if you wish to do this then please arrange a meeting with your teacher.
  • When we are in the school, particularly in the staff room using the facilities that the teachers use, there maybe things that are seen or heard that you wouldn’t normally have access to.  May I remind you that anything that is seen or heard within the school remains confidential and is not for discussion with others outside of the school.
Michelle Neate.        Sarah Horrocks
Nicky Wood.            Sarah Vidler
Lisa Kime.              
Chairman’s Report
Firstly a massive thank you for everyone’s contribution to the PTFA this year, no matter how small we couldn’t have done it without your help, and a massive thank you to those parents who aren’t here tonight but come along and help at events like the discos because without them we wouldn’t have enough helpers to run them.
An extra thank you to Erica and Tara who have gone above and beyond this year, if anything needs doing they have been there to help out, they have done a fantastic job sorting out the books for school for the accelerated reading program.
I think as a PTFA we work well together everyone gets on with things if there is a job that needs doing there is always someone willing to do it so thank you again.
At times I may step on toes or upset people with my comments – if I have done this I apologise but it is because I am passionate about this school and the PTFA and I just want us to raise the most money possible, and if you hadn’t noticed I am a control freak – I don’t like it when things don’t go to plan like the weather at the summer fair – next year we need to book sunshine for the whole day!!
Wow what a year we have had disco’s, summer and Christmas fairs and pamper evening including firemen – couldn’t have planned that better.
We’ve made some great donations to the school which I am sure Claire will go through in the treasurer’s report but these include Mathletics, new reading books, and book bags for Foundation children and the whole school pantomime.
Coming up for the year ahead we already have planned, a disco for October, red gold and green day, Christmas fair, Whole school Pantomime and a Joules seconds fashion show.
And if I am still Chair of the PTFA I have some great ideas already for the summer fair.
Don’t forget about signing up for Easy fundraising and Stamptastic to help raise money for the school – and to promote them with your friends and family.
Again a massive thank you for your support.
Alison Robinson.
Chairman PTFA.
Treasurers update
To be inc
We need to elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and secretary.
Everyone agreed to keep things as is.
Chairman – Alison Robinson
Vice Chair – Ashley Willis
Treasurer – Claire Dunham
Secretary – Erica Gaskin
Charity Registration.
If income is £5K or more we need to register as a charity.  If we don’t register then the committee members could be subject to High Court Action.
It doesn’t cost anything to register as a charity we just need to adopt a constitution, on the application we need information on gross income, next year end date, how we have raised funds, how we will raise funds in the future.  We also need information on trustees – every elected member of the PTA committee is a charity trustee (has the legal right and responsibility for  running the association until the next AGM)  This includes those that are office holders (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as those that are ordinary committee members (those that don’t hold office)
We need the following for every trustee:
Other names used
Name to be displayed on the commission’s website
Home address (Not displayed)
If they are a trustee of another charity
The benefits of being charity registered are:
1. Exemption from the payment of income and corporation tax
2. Eligibility to receive charitable donations from local and national companies
3. Eligibility to apply to grant making charitable trusts, statutory and lottery funding organisations
4. Eligibility for payroll giving and company matching giving schemes
5. Eligibility to apply for gift aid
6. Promotes the message that your PTA is working for the benefit of others
7. Establishes a clear set of rules by which the PTA operates.
 We will need to appoint an independent person who can examine the accounts on an annual basis this can be a teacher, school bursar, school business manager, local book keeper parent with accountancy experience – Kerrie to speak to Gus Goodwin.
We would have to file a charity commission return annually
Everyone agree that this is the right thing to do and agreed to the constitution agreement.
Head Teachers update
Mrs Wilson is very pleased with the PTFA she thanked everyone for our hard work saying that we have an infectious enthusiasm.
The school have paid out for GAPS (grammar, punctuation, spelling), Read write ink and Rising stars. Can we help with funding?
PTFA agreed on a one off contribution of £1000 for both Rising stars and Read, write, Inc.
Also agreed was an extra £250 for Mathletics.
The amount given for Mathletics and Accelerated reader is a regular commitment and is to be £750 each per year.
School disco
Wednesday 21st October
Mrs Wilson also asked us to look into starting straight after school, instead of the usual timings.  A letter to parents seeing what the interest on this is to be sent out.  Also to see if the DJ can accommodate this.
Two teachers are required to attend both discos.
Children are to be counted in.
Will publish a poster for this and also a letter to go out advising new parents of how the discos operate, and also existing parents reminding them not to leave their children until they are safely inside the disco and that children are not allowed to walk home on their own.
Mrs Wilson asked the letter state that any child causing a disruption will have their parent/career contacted, sent home and not allowed to attend the next disco.
Red, Gold and Green Day
Friday 20th November
Erica.      Kerrie
Tara.      Louise
To collect donations in the morning
Christmas decorations
Decorating of the school Wednesday 25th after school.
Christmas fair
Friday 27th November
Film night
15th December 1515-1530 (straight after school)
£2 per child
Film TBC
Bingo Night
CANCELLED postponed till New Year.  Erica to speak to Dean Ref app on projector.
Joules Seconds night
21st January 2015 6pm to 8pm 
Company needs 3 hours to set up.  Will cancel if weather is bad.
£3 per ticket.  PTFA gets money from sale of tickets only.
Raffle also needed.
Mrs Glover and Mrs Brown have asked the PTFA for some new trikes for foundation.  £500 will buy 3 trikes and it has been agreed that these will be brought ready for spring/summer next year.
Pre loved clothes
Pre loved clothes stall is going to be in the reception area once a fortnight starting on a Wednesday to see what interest there is.  
Erica and ? Will be at the new intake evening 19th October 6pm.
Kerrie and Tara will be at the new intake meeting 20th October 930-11 promoting the pre loved stall.
Please get the word out about the pre loved stall.
Parents Evening
We will be serving Tea, coffee and biscuits at parents evening so any helpers would be much appreciated also the pre loved clothing will be there.  
Date of next meeting
Monday 9th November

                 Treasurer's Report for PTFA AGM
                   Monday 5th October 2015
Total Held  £4,163.06
 Profits Made
Christmas Fair-    £1,550.58
Match Funding Barclays-   £601.20
Summer Fair -  £1,510.74
Match Funding-  pending
Disco-   £1,846.11
Easter Hat Competition-  £88.00
Mother's Day Chocolates-  £140.20
Father's Day Chocolates-  £109.47
Pamper Evening-  £425.69
Cake Sales-  £35.65
Sport's Day Raffle and Refreshments-  £140.66
Pre-loved Uniform-  £32.65
Extra Raffle from Summer Fair-  £168.10
Total Profit-  £6,649.05
Contributions Made
Foundation Equipment-  £188.88
Lego for SEN-  £30.00
Pantomime - Peter Pan-  £390.00
Deposit for Dec 2015 Pantomime-  £39.00
Authors Aloud Visit - Steve Weatherill-  £491.60
Accelerated Reader Contribution-  £1,000.00
Accelerated Reader Books-  £853.54
Mathletics Contribution-  £500.00
Book Bags for Foundation-  £212.40
Headphones/Cases for Foundation-  £100.45
LAFTAs-  £259.84
Planners-  £418.75
Year 6 Autograph Books-  £172.25
Year 6 Prom – Disco-  £100.00
SSAFA - Charity Donation-  £147.43
Total Contribution-  £4,904.14
PTA-UK Membership-  £101.00
Stampers/Number Counters-  £18.99
BBQs-  £79.98
Gazebos-  £90.95
Total-  £290.92
Although the total amount is looking very healthy we need to keep in mind the annual
commitment to school and the monies required to enable events to take place.
Annual Commitment
Pantomime-  £390.00
Mathletics Contribution-  £500.00
Book Bags for Foundation-  £212.40
Headphones/Cases for Foundation-  £100.45
LAFTAs-  £259.84
Planners-  £418.75
Year 6 Autograph Books-  £172.25
Year 6 Prom – Disco-  £100.00
Total-  £2,153.69
 (Plus possible contribution to Accelerated Reader)

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